My favorite restaurants in London


Today, I would like to share with you a selection of my favourite restaurants in London after 9 months testing various adresses here and there. For those leaving (or not leaving) in London, I’ll try to make you save some time you could be spending on Tripadvisor looking for the best places to be. Generally speaking, we eat quite well in London and for a reasonable price. All the addresses selected and mentioned below are affordable and good value for money

Côte Brasserie 

For the French living in London and missing local French dishes, it is the perfect place to have some culinary pleasure. Onion soup, “moules-frites”, tartar steak, etc. The menu only consists of French food. The personnel is always very warm and flawless

My suggestion : the red tuna carpaccio and the “moules-frites” (12£).

Good to know : The pré Theater menu is available from Monday to Friday between 12:00 and 19:00. 2-course menu for 12.50£ or 3-course menu for13.95£ .

menu disponible du lundi au vendredi entre 12h00 et 19h00 : 2 plats pour 12.50£ ou 3 plats pour 13.95£ (unbeatable value for money).

Address: You can find the different addresses of Côte Brasserie in London on their website.

Flat Iron

 An address for the meat eaters! The menu only consists of meats and side dishes. I am not a big fan of meat in general but it was until I discovered that place! The restaurant’s specialty is a pre-cut piece of meat (10£) served on a wooden board and accompanied by salad. Additional side dishes can be ordered but you will have to pay a small extra.

My suggestion : Ask for a “rare” cooked steak for a tender meat that will make all the difference!

Good to know : Before you leave the restaurant, the Flat Iron at Covent Garden will offer you a token per person that you can trade for a free caramel ice cream covered by chocolate chips!

Address: You can find the different addresses of Flat Iron in London on their website.

The Real Greek

Another great discovery I’m proud of. I like everything in that restaurant, from the food, concept to the decoration… I haven never been to any Greek restaurant before that one, what a shame! That restaurant serves several small Greek dishes like in an afternoon tea. Everyone can taste a little bit of everything. It is very friendly, healthy and fresh. I definitely recommend that place!

My suggestion : For a small appetite, a glass of wine with the 3-course Athenian menu (11.95£), available from Monday to Thursday  after 17:00, and all-day on Sunday..

Good to know : If you are vegetarian or simply watching your weight, the menu includes light, vegetarian and even gluten-free dishes.

Address: You can find the different addresses of The Real Greek in London on their website.


Since I was a child, I have always loved asian food. When I have an intense craving, this is where I go to in London. Everything is good in Wagamama! I have already tried a lot of their dishes and I have never been disappointed. The ramen are my favourite because it reminds me of my trip to Japan! If you would like to eat asian food, you now know what you have to do.

My suggestion : The grilled squid served with a chili sauce.

Good to know : Possibility to take away or to be delivered at home.

Address:You can find the different addresses of Wagamama in London on their website.

Sushi Samba

Sushi Sambra is certainly the most famous sushi restaurant in London. It is located at the top of the Heron Tower at the 38th floor which has an absolutely gorgeous view. Taking the lift made of glass to get to the top is definitely a worthy experience! I had a crush for this restaurant which proposes a fusion between Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine. It might seem first a bit surprising but the final result is absolutely delicious. The downside is that Sushi Sambra is a victim of its own success and therefore you have to book very early in advance.

My suggestion : Instaed of ordering once course per person you should order 5 or 6 small dishes and share them all together.

Good to know : Sushi Samba has a terrace well known for its red tree that lights up at night. Your friends will definitely be impressed if you bring them here at night!

Address: Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, 39th Floor, London EC2N 4AY

Don’t hesitate to share your feedbacks and impressions if you ever have the chance to try any of those restaurants