Stockholm – Day 2


Second day in the Swedish capital!

Our first day of the year began with a nice relaxed morning in bed with no need to rush to get up after the New Year Eve. Because most of the museums, shops, restaurants are closed on January 1, we opted for the zoo which almost never closes! To enjoy the city as much as we can we walked to the Skansen zoo, 35 minutes away from our hotel. I loved the zoo so much. In addition to the traditional Scandinavian animals, it also consists in an open museum! While walking in the zoo we discovered old buildings and farms that seemed straight out of “the little house on the prairie”. The best advice I can give you is to wear a warm outfit like me if you are visiting the zooduring winter time. Indeed everything is outside and with the night that falls at 15.30 in this part of the year (welcome to Sweden!) the cold is even worse after the sunset…

After our lovely (and fresh) walk around the zoo, we were completely frozen, so we decided to have a Fika! I see you coming, what is a Fika? This is the equivalent of our “let’s have coffee” usually planned in advance, alone or with friends or coworkers, to savor a cup of coffee or tea or even a juice and eat something sweet, usually a cinnamon bun, pastry or cake. It is a cultural institution here which explains why there are so many cafés at every street corners. By contrast with France, Sweden cafés are super cozy with a beautiful design and comfortable sofa! This is the kind of place where I like to spend a few hours around a cup of hot tea.

I wish you a lovely day, kisses!

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